January 23

Welcome to the DIY Poor Man’s Method

The projects here are more of a lets see if I could do this type of  thing.  Often the projects I begin working on begin as such and turn into somewhat of a gateway drug leading me down another path of creativity.

I have so many DIY projects and I often get asked what drives you to do it.  It is quite simple.  I like to stay engaged with new challenges and the rewards of discovery when a project starts out as an idea and flourishes into something I can actually use.  I also don’t like to get raked over the coals having to pay high prices for something which I believe I can make at a third of the cost.  Knowledge is power and often times a person is paying not for the product, but the knowledge.

The poor man’s method is a term my grandfather often used to tell me when we would work together fixing his old green tractor which was notorious for breaking down.   Occasionally, he would also tell me “you have to be smarter than the bolt.” Little did I know these terms would be somewhat engrained in my brain and I found myself always looking to create, fix, and understanding how things worked. He was a great jack of all trades and I learned quite a bit about the DIY method.

I hope this site will be of use to some of you looking for a way to create, fix, and understand various projects I may present here and hopefully provide alternatives on how to do it yourself in an economical way.  After all, if you could save a buck or two and get the same results without sacrificing quality I think it is well worth the effort.

Welcome to the DIY The Poor Man’s Method


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